The Observation Of Trifles 

Size: 23 cm x 30 cm
Images: 100
Paper: Munken lynx 250
Date of publication: July 2016
Publisher: La Fabrica
Edition: 1000
Printed at Brizzolis in Madrid

β€œHis pictures convey two messages – the ordinariness of the surroundings, and the extraordinariness of his a ention to the details. [...] The Observation of Trifles is simple and elegant, and that clarity is enlivened by several exciting elements. Texts are printed on the end papers, different types of paper are used in combination, and page numbers appear only on the blank pages. All of the images, both found and taken, are meticulously indexed at the end of the book, providing the background information of the location and the year when they were discovered/taken. It is, in effect, a personal archive, like a shoe box of memories stuffed under a bed.”

Olga Yatskevich, Collector Daily, January 12, 2017, New York, USA

The Taste Of The Wind

Size: Book (13 cm x 19 cm), Hand made wooden (17 cm x 23 cm)
Images: 28 Archival Images, 64 Photographs
Paper: Gmund Bier Papierl Pils, Nautilus, Munken Lynx
Date of publication:  September 2019
Publisher: Landskrona Foto Publishing
ISBN: 978-91-985532-1-5


Becoming Image: Medicine and the Algorithmic Body

This collection of essays is the outcome of a seminar in May 2018 with the Anthropology Department at University College London bringing together a range of artists, academics and clinicians to think about contemporary medical imaging practices and technologies. The project is funded by Wellcome collection.

Becoming Image – An Introduction, Liz Orton
The Afterlife of Medical Casts from the UCL Pathology Collection, Wiebke Leister
A Phenomenological Encounter with MRI, Silvia Casini
Capsula: A Journey into the Stomach of the Machine, Beverely Duckworth
INES: The Story of a Woman whose Life was Stolen, Carlos Alba
Between Body and Image: Synthetic Interference, Katy Connor
You are My Territory and I am Your Explorer, Liz Orton
Living Images: the Body as Flesh, Form and Informatics, Karen Ingham
The Pain of Others, Jonathon Tomlinson

Size: 15 cm x 21 cm
Pages: 88
Date of publication:  September 2019
Publisher: Wellcome collection